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Barry Stevens Business Software

Barry Stevens Business Software helps companies reduce costs, streamline workflow and realise productivity gains by automating manual processes through creating a centralised database with access to user’s business functions.

In-House Auctions

Bid Buy Sold

Airport Transfer Bookings

Leisure Coast Limousines – Wollongong.

Heavy Machinery Contracting

Rick Davis Contracting – Ingleside.

Funerals Manager

NSW Funeral Homes

Barry Stevens Business Software works for you

Many businesses use “Off the shelf” accounting packages to “run” their businesses. The usual results are:

– The “Off the shelf” package does hundreds of things, but few of them perfectly.
– “Off the shelf” packs are FINANCE-CENTRIC so often DO NOT MESH with your sales and ordering processes.
– The “Off the shelf” packs NEVER INTEGRATE with PRODUCTION, MANUFACTURING or SERVICE DELIVERY, yet these areas often yield very LARGE EFFICIENCY GAINS.
– The “Off the shelf” packs often require you to be a partial computer/accounting genius to make them fit your business.

The initial level of investment required for a custom software solution is often perceived as a disadvantage, however whilst it may mean a larger up front payment in year one, the organisation will benefit in the longer term through improved efficiency and productivity and without the need to train staff in new working practices.

Our Stats

It is custom-built for you and will therefore meet your exact needs and will integrate with your business processes and requirements
It is tailored to the way you and your employees are used to working so there will only be a short learning curve.

Your custom software will perform tasks such as customer communications better, giving you a distinct advantage over competitors using other systems. As your organisation grows and evolves, the custom software can be modified in line with your changing needs.