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Barry Stevens Business Software helps companies reduce costs, streamline workflow and realise productivity gains by automating manual processes through creating a centralised database with access to user’s business functions.

Barry Stevens Business Software specialises in the development of customised database software using OpenInsight for our multi value database application Design, Analysis & Development, OpenInsight is a true, graphical, multi value product that’s been in use since 1992.

We specialize in custom-fit business software system solutions backed by professional support, and map your current business procedures to provide you with a user-friendly database software system which can run your entire business. Any future changes in business processes can be easily accommodated by simply adjusting the system layout to fit your needs.

You will be provided with an all-in-one innovative system that works together with your business operations in finance, production/manufacturing and service delivery. Most importantly – you’ll have peace of mind knowing your new, smarter business systems are working at optimum level saving you time, money and man-hours, and reducing costly errors!

As a valued partner, you will have access not only to state-of-the-art business software, but to professional, competent, and responsive members of our team – we are just a phone call away at all times. We understand your business needs, and we know that to sustain and grow your business bottom line, efficiency is the key.

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Common areas of improvement

Many businesses use “Off the shelf” accounting packages to “run” their businesses. The usual results are:

Barry Stevens Business Software

-The “Off the shelf” package does hundreds of things, but few of them perfectly.

Barry Stevens Business Software

– “Off the shelf” packs are FINANCE-CENTRIC so often DO NOT MESH with your sales and ordering processes.

Barry Stevens Business Software

– The “Off the shelf” packs NEVER INTEGRATE with PRODUCTION, MANUFACTURING or SERVICE DELIVERY, yet these areas often yield very LARGE EFFICIENCY GAINS.

Barry Stevens Business Software

– The “Off the shelf” packs often require you to be a partial computer/accounting genius to make them fit your business.